ZeXtras Suite for Zimbra Open Source
DOWNLOAD ZeXtras Suite

or simply use wget directly from your Zimbra server:

wget http://www.zextras.com/download/zextras_suite-latest.tgz

this URL will always point at the latest release of ZeXtras

  • Now that you have downloaded ZeXtras Suite, a few simple steps are required to get it up and running.
  • STEP 1: As ROOT, unpack the file you just downloaded inside a directory (we suggest in /root/) in your Zimbra server.
  • STEP 2: Enter the directory created by the unpacking of the file.
  • STEP 3: Run the install.sh script with the "all" option (so ./install.sh all).
  • STEP 4: Once ZeXtras Suite is installed, you need to Initialize ZxBackup.
  • A video tutorial to the install process can be found here.

Latest Version: 2.0.2
Release Date: May 20th, 2015

The Changelog can be found here

ZeXtras Suite requires Zimbra version 6.0.7+
See the Compatibility List for O.S. details

If no valid license is found for ZeXtras Suite, the sofware will run in Trial Mode for 30 days.
To obtain a license visit our Store

  • Hot backup and much more, keep your data safe!
  • Connect your mobile devices over the air to your Zimbra server!
  • Easy to use Zimbra Storage management.
  • ACL Management for Sub-Admins.
  • ZeXtras Chat