Your scalable, robust and secure workplace

Fully Private E-mail and Collaboration platform for regulated enterprises.

Carbonio for Enterprises

Mid- to large-sized enterprises need a safe environment to exchange emails, private messages and documents. Zextras Carbonio is the private software that brings security and flexibility to your digital workplace.

Keep your communications private

SaaS and public cloud expose your operations and intellectual property to great risk. Keeping your data private and protected is why we built the open source Carbonio software.

Highly customizable infrastructure

The open core design and highly-flexible features of Zextras Carbonio allows systems administrators to quickly and easily configure the platform to meet the company’s specific compliance and operational needs.

Full control over installation and use

Zextras Carbonio can be installed on-premise or on a private cloud, giving you full control over your data management, storage configuration and privacy controls. No other workplace software gives you this much privacy and this much freedom.

20 years’ experience

We have more than 20 years of experience working with regulated industries and continue to evolve our software to meet emerging needs and regulatory compliance requirements.

Scenarios and applications

You can't go on Cloud

You can't go on Cloud

For many industries, such as finance, defence and aerospace, specific regulations prevent the use of cloud services as data is required to stay in the national territory at all times, and with cloud services this cannot be guaranteed. As a result, you need to keep your data in-house or in your private cloud.

Reducing TCO by 80%

Reducing TCO by 80%

When considering a software to keep your company secure, productive and compliant, the economical impact is a fundamental aspect and reducing Total Cost of Ownership is essential. Carbonio was designed to keep costs under control and the more you scale, the more cost-effective it becomes.

Integration is paramount

Integration is paramount

Every new software introduced at enterprise level must work seamlessly with other applications, freeing up IT departments and allowing the company to maximize productivity for frontline workers. Zextras Carbonio is API-based and fully compatible with all your software systems.

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