Zextras build based on Zimbra’s official repositories

Zextras build based on Zimbra’s official repositories

  • Based on Zimbra’s official repositories
  • Open Source
  • Production-ready
  • Maintained
  • No ads

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Open Source

Open Source project supported by a committed community

Enterprise Email

Manage your email flow, create folders and tags, multiple composition tabs


Clear overview of your and yours colleagues' calendar


Create Task lists and send reminders to all people involved

Flexible Deployment

Deploy it as you prefer: Cloud, on premise, hybrid on virtual appliance or bare metal


Enable integration of third party solutions into the Web interface


Always in touch with your colleagues

Centralized Administration

Manage your infrastructure directly from the Administration Console

Anywhere, anytime

Synchronize your mailbox on your mobile devices. IMAP/POP, SMTP, CalDav, CarDav are supported

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