Filesharing and Collaboration

Zextras’ Drive allows the user to create and manage files while using the mailbox easily.

It is possible to upload groups of files using the “Drag & Drop” feature and share both a whole folder or a single file.

Notify to other users a shared folder or file is simple: messages are generated automatically and there is no need to subscribe the share later and, moreover, it is possible to go straight to “shared with me” menu.

drive share
drive sharedbyme

On the other hand, “shared by me” menu item shows the resources that have been shared with others.

Sharing items with others is safer than through the old briefcase: users can generate a public external link, protect it using a password and define an expiry date of the link itself. There is no need to remember to erase a share.

drive publiclink
drive backend

Drive backend doesn’t use mailbox’s metadata but a dedicated HSQL database and it is possible to define separate volumes to store files.

Integration with webmail allows the user to import email’s attachments directly into Drive folders, where files can be modified and exported with no need to download or install anything.

Furthermore, Drive is secured by Zextras Real-Time Backup and it natively supports history’s management, storing a new version of a file whenever the users save it.

drive backup
drive tablet mobile

Zextras Drive app, developed by Zextras for both Android and iOS devices, allows the user to easily share anything using his device: upload and share files with colleagues through a safe and trusted channel is easy.

Share any kind of files, even pics and video from your camera, and manage the share defining access rights and visibility.

Drive app is integrated with collaborative Drive and Docs web features so it is possible to upload a file using Drive app and then modify it thanks to web Docs functions.
The user can keep all his favorite documents automatically synced on his device in order to access them even when offline.

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