Development Roadmap 2020

Zextras is committed to continuous improvement of the Zimbra Open Source experience.
Zextras wants to make sure that you have a clear overview on the company’s next steps, allowing you to better evaluate your strategic decisions.
Here you can find our development Roadmap for 2020.
Zextras is focused on respecting the following timelines and sharing with you the 2021 Roadmap by the end of this year.

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Starting June 2020

Team: new functions

Among others:

  • Reply to message;
  • Clear conversation history;
  • Edit messages;
  • Delete messages
Aug 2020

Team Video Server

A new set of functionalities with high performances will be introduced via the new integrated video server managed directly by the new Zextrasconfig infrastructure’s handler.

Audio and video flows will be compressed, optimized and combined in order to obtain a unique and specific stream for each device, considering and using the best bandwidth/codec for every specific device.

Backup on external endpoint

Backup your system either on Object Storage like S3 (local/hybrid/cloud) or to external file blobs such as NFS.

Metadata’s local cache allows to maintain the original performance while it will also be stored on the external endpoint for disaster recovery purpose.

Sep 2020

Zextras Authentication and Login

Introduces to Zimbra Open Source: 2 Factor Authentication, SAML and a Multi mobile Password, managed through a new and customizable Login Page.

Team Privacy settings

Either Users and Admins will be able to choose what personal presence information (like message acknowledgement, user presence, etc) can be shown.

Mobile Apps QR Authentication

Use our Mobile Apps password-free employing the new QR-Login system that allows to handle Cross Authorization within our Apps ecosystem and manage devices authorization and registration.

Zextras Address Book for MS Outlook/MAC Mail/ Thunderbird

Connect Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird and Mac Mail to your centralized Zimbra GAL and address books to achieve a complete client experience.

The Address Book can work either in conjoint with IMAP/ POP or EAS.

Microsoft Outlook can leverage on EAS and Address Book to provide a full Outlook connector experience without any plugin on the client!

Oct 2020

Admin Interface & User Preferences

A new Admin Interface for Zextras Components based on React.

Starting from Zextras Components present in the Legacy Admin UI we are moving all Zextras related options to a new technology remaining consistent and integrated in the Legacy Admin UI.

A full transition will follow.

Oct 2020

New installer using native Linux Packaging system

New Zextras package will be distributed using repository leveraging on Linux methodology.

When installing and updating the package, you just need to use OS commands like "apt-get install/update".

Nov 2020

Integrated Docs Server

Docs Server will be part of the infrastructure, managed by Zextrasconfig.

Installation and Upgrade on a separate node will no longer be needed.

Team Meeting new functionalities

Thanks to the new Team Video Server a new set of functionalities will be available on Team, among others you will have:

  • Moderator mode - Mute user/Mute all - Webinar/conference mode;
  • Events log;
  • Request to talk;
  • Push to talk;
  • Recorded meeting available on Drive.

High Availability

Synchronized in real-time to another node from user, group, domain to an entire mailbox.

Choose to sync toward a spare node or to another active node in the cluster.

The system is designed in order to reach the 99.99% of availability on a monthly basis.

Nov 2020

Drive Personal external Account

Connect your Dropbox/Gdrive/nextCloud/OwnCloud account to your Drive and get the full access to your files.

Dec 2020

Team instant meeting

Create a meeting room and share access to it with other users through persistent and shareable links.

Dec 2020

Email Sign & Encryption (S/Mime-PGP)

End to End cryptography will be implemented on the webmail.

The system will be able to cypher and/or sign the sent emails as to decipher and verify the signature on received emails.

Roadmap 2021 Coming Soon