Why Zextras

What leads Zextras to success was the deep awareness of the challenges and changes inherent in the email field. From the mid 90s, as a service company, we are offering services related to email and communication, dreaming and then providing state-of-the-art solutions.


Since the rise of Zimbra, we have been Zimbra Open Source VAR and Service Provider for Governments and big enterprises in Europe and, along the years, we become aware of the email ecosystem world’s needs.

All these needs have been solved by developing year by year what today -in more than 600.000 lines of code- is Zextras Suite.

Along the way, in 2011, we founded Zextras as a spin-off of our service company that by now was the largest Zimbra Integrator in Europe: Zextras encloses all the experience and knowledge gained over the years.


Zextras’ mission has been focused on empowering Zimbra Open Source Edition with enterprise-grade capabilities that are meant to satisfy the different exigencies of a wide and increasingly demanding public in the Zimbra ecosystem.
Zextras Suite provides a wide range of features and it offers solutions for Service Providers, VARs, Governmental Entities, Healthcare Institutions, Education, Small Business and Enterprises.
Nowadays, Zextras’ products and its fully-fledged experience count more than 100 millions of Users.

Zextras is the right choice for your business because we were you before of being who we are now.
We perfectly know your needs since we experienced them too.