We are ZEXTRAS, nice to meet you

We want to help people collaborate, allowing them to keep the control on their data and communications.

Every day we strive to design new features, in order to make the best private communication and collaboration platform for Zimbra users.


We have always believed in Open Source, as the best technical choice.
The community is the real force behind a successful project.

We are never tired to reshape the future!
Every feature we create has an original genesis and we design it to be unique and valuable.

Everyone needs to feel safe when using communication and collaboration tools, everyday.

We want you to own and control your data.


“What leads Zextras every day is the deep awareness of the challenges and changes inherent in the email field collected in the last 20 years.”
Paolo Storti, CEO

Zextras was born from a 20-years' solid experience in the communication and collaboration platforms. During those years, common and uncovered needs of Zimbra Open Source Editions’s customers are revealed. Therefore, in 2010 Zextras was born to address those needs with a secure and private collaboration Suite for Zimbra Open Source.

Now Zextras is a hundred-people company, led by a common goal, the same of the day we started. Enhance Zimbra Open Source with enterprise-grade capabilities that are meant to satisfy the needs of the broad and increasingly demanding Zimbra community.