Document, Spreadsheet and Presentation

Zextras introduces “Docs” server that turns Zimbra into a professional office suite that allows the user to preview, create and modify Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentation straight from the Zimbra Web Client.

docs writer

Users can manage files using the open standard -Open Document Text, Spreadsheet, and Presentation- furthermore, all the more common formats like Word, Excel, and RTF are supported and they can be exported as PDF with a few clicks.

docs calc
multi tenancy docs

Administrators can easily distribute the load on multiple Docs instances.

The preview feature is integrated with the webmail and it supports more than 140 formats.

Users can display a safe preview, in which links and active contents are disabled, with no need of downloading and executing the file reducing risks and increasing safety.

Editing feature is available both into the old Briefcase and the new Drive. It can use Zimbra storage with no need to copy temporarily the files: data always remains only into the user’s mailstore.

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docs writer users

When more than one user modifies at the same time a shared document, the interface will display all the connected users -each one in a different color- and their activity in real time: any modification can be checked by other users instantly.

In addition, the “Revision mode” allows underlining single modifications edited by each user and the author can decide either way to approve them or not.