Trademark policy and brand guidelines

This page contains the Zextras logos and brand guidelines: please make use of this resources for any article, publication or communication regarding Zextras Suite.

For any question or usage notification, please contact marketing[at]

About this policy

This Policy covers

Our word trademarks and service marks (the “Marks”): “Zextras”, “Zextras Suite”, “Zextras Backup”, “Zextras Mobile”, “Zextras Powerstore”, “Zextras Admin”, “Zextras Chat” and “Zextras Migration Tool”. Our logos (the “Logos”).

Use of Zextras

Whenever you use one of the Marks or Logos you need Zextras express written permission.
Logos have to be used in accordance with Zextras Brand Guidelines.
If you have questions or you want to use our Marks and Logos contact our marketing team writing to marketing[at]

You must always use Zextras Marks in a way that does not mislead anyone about what they are getting and from whom. The Law reflects this requirements in two ways: it prohibits creating “likelihood of confusion” but allows for “nominative or fair use”.
Exhamples of nominative/fair use are:

  • Truthfully describe Zextras products;
  • Accurately report news about Zextras products;
  • Link to Zextras website.

You can use the Marks where that is ‘necessary’ to indicate the intended use or purpose of goods or services provided this is done in accordance with honest practice in industrial or commercial manners.
If in doubt seek qualified legal advice or contact us.