Enrich Zimbra Open Source with High End capabilities.

Zextras Suite is natively integrated with Zimbra and it supports and boosts all the included functions.

enrich zimbra
outlook tablet iphonex suite

Zextras supports Zimbra SysAdmin to provide more services such as collaboration, online editing, file sharing, chat and videochat natively integrated into your Zimbra.

Deliver your services in a multi tenant infrastructure, saving all the activities that occur using the real time backup engine. Your data are constantly saved and they can be easily recovered anytime.

Connect Zimbra infrastructure to Local, Hybrid or Cloud storage depending on your needs. Our technologies allow you to save up to 50% of the used storage.

Mobile devices, Outlook and Windows mail are now connected to your Zimbra server.

multiserver mbox


With Zextras technology you can manage not only multiple volumes, but also multiple storage tiers and storage media (local block device, SAN, NAS and Object Storage Facilities).

It reduces the local storage needed, moving all the blobs to Object Storage, and it improves the I/O and the server load by splitting users onto multiple mailstore nodes with no downtime.

Easily expand and scale out your Zimbra Infrastructure.

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Real-Time Backup and Recovery

Zextras realtime engine backup is Zimbra’s Disaster Recovery Strategy. It backs up every single item and event on your server, lowering the Recovery Point Objective to 0.

The backup transactions are atomic and always consistent with no need for scheduled snapshots.

Moreover, deduplication and compression reduce up to 50% the space needed, with automatic purge after the retention period, customizable for each server.

It supports multiple undelete and recovery strategies: from restoring a deleted message straight into the user mailbox till recovering a whole domain.

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backup realtime
delegate admin

Delegated Admin

Simplify the Delegated Admin management and turn Zimbra in a fully Saas MultiTenant platform.

SysAdmin can easily grant customers with the rights needed to manage autonomously their domain and he can provide the HelpDesk only with the rights needed to support users without invading their privacy.

All the Admin actions are recorded, organized and accessible through the “reporting feature” available into the Admin Console.

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Messaging and Enterprise Communication

Zextras Team provides secure, high-end video-meeting features directly into the Zimbra Web Client.

Users can communicate in persistent Spaces, Channels and private groups where messaging, video meeting and screen sharing functionalities are supported both for internal and external users.

Team is also available as Team app developed by Zextras for both Android and iOS devices.

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Document, Spreadsheet and Presentation

Zextras supports more than 140 formats, enabling the preview straight from the web interface.

Moreover, users can create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations turning Zimbra into a professional collaboration office suite.

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Filesharing and Collaboration

A new file storage and sharing system: simplified management of the files and folders, clear vision of what is shared, support for password protection, and automatic expire of public links.

Users can collaborate on a wide variety of documents, editing them at the same time into the Zimbra Web Client.

Drive is also available as Drive app developed by Zextras for both Android and iOS devices.

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drive share and mobile
outlook tablet iphonex suite

Mobile devices, Outlook and Windows Mail

Mobile function makes Zimbra a mobile friendly solution -fully supporting Exchange ActiveSync protocol- and allows the users to keep accessing their mailbox data on their own mobile device, within the security guaranteed by Zextras.

Users can always access all their emails, contacts and appointments, no matter if items are their own ones or shared ones. Zextras extends EAS to shared items easily, letting the users choose what sync or not.

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Easy to install and update

Zextras is perfectly integrated in Zimbra: it does not change in any way the standard installation procedure that is fast and easy.

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easy to install
gdpr compliance


The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) increases the responsibility of administrators that manage the email.
Zextras provides some of the necessary tools that help to improve compliance, especially for what concerned archives’ localization, backup management, and data portability.

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App mobile (iOS/ Android)

Zextras develops Team app and Drive app for iOS and Android devices.

Team app allows mobile users to be in touch with their buddies anywhere and anytime, through a trusted, secure and private channel.

Through Drive app, the user can access his Drive files and folders whenever he needs.
Users can keep on communicating with colleagues or managing and sharing any kind of documents safely directly from their mobile devices.

chat mobile
Features Suite Pro Suite Basic Suite Mobile Suite Free
Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks
Standard Zimbra OSE features
Attachment indexing and Full-Text Search
Attachment Preview
Sync with any Exchange Active Sync client
Restore deleted items and accounts within the retention period
Save attachment directly into Drive
MultiChannel Chat and Video Chat optional
Collaborative Editing of Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets
File management
Attachment Preview
Save attachments directly into Drive
Easy sharing of file and folder with obfuscated link
Easy share management
Store files in dedicated volumes
Drive app
Chat and Messaging
Text Chat 1:1
Video Chat 1:1
Screen Sharing 1:1
File sharing 1:1
Text Chat 1:N* optional
Video Chat 1:N* optional
Screen Sharing 1:N* optional
File sharing 1:N* optional
Persistent Space and Channel optional
Instant Meeting optional
Team App
Productivity Suite
Editing of Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets
Collaborative editing
PDF conversion on the fly
Delegated Administration and MultiTenancy
Manage Delegated Admins and their rights using Admin Console
Dedicated Admin Activity Log
Searchable Admin Activity Log using Admin Console
Custom Domain / Cos Quota using Admin Console
Use Zimbra Admin Console as “SelfService” Portal
Storage Management
Advanced Volume & Tiering Management
Multi policy HSM with optimized storage space management, deduplication, and compression
Object Storage Support - Multiple storage vendors
Object Storage Support - S3/SWIFT standard API
Move Mailboxes across mailstores at runtime
Policy based “Volume To Volume“ migration
Volume Tools: coherency check, orphaned blobs management
Real Time Backup with native compression and deduplication
Restore deleted items and accounts within the retention period
Coherency check and automatic Backup reconciliation
Search for Items directly into backup
Single Item extract and restore
Blobless Backup & Restore
Domain Export
Automatic purge on retention
External Import
Mobile Support
Active Sync 16.1
Mobile Device Management
Dedicated Mobile Password
Shared folders Sync
Shared Calendars Sync
Shared Contacts Sync
Customer Support
Support by Ticket
GDPR Compliance
Right to data portability
Right to erasure (from backup)
Principle of transparency (log admins' activity)
Storage limitation (purge and retention policy)
Data Location
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