Team: Enterprise Communication and chat, video, persistent channel and spaces, screensharing

Team adds collaboration features to your Zimbra and it’s available in two different versions: Team Pro and Team Basic.
Zextras Team Pro introduces one-to-one and multichannel video chats, and it turns Zimbra into a powerful Enterprise Level online meeting system through virtual meeting rooms, persistent space, and instant meetings.


Audio/Video stream is based on WebRTC protocol and there is no need for extra software but the supported browser.

Team is integrated into the webmail and it supports browser push notifications.

team webmail mobile
team minisidebar

A smart and flexible “Sidebar” allows the users to access recent conversations and a dedicated interface permits to create groups, start new conversations and access Spaces and Channels.

Spaces are virtual meeting rooms where all the connected users can exchange messages, make video calls and screen sharing.

admin space

Administrators can establish how many users can join a Space and set up persistent environments too: it is possible to create business spaces and organize them into Channels in which people can exchange opinions, information, and share items from their own Drive.

Channels can be used both for topic of common interest or specific projects.

Every single Channel is associated with its own Space and it is possible to arrange at anytime a meeting involving all the participants.

team spaces channels
videocall mobile

Team is natively supported by Zextras’ backup system, and moreover,Chats are available for further consultation.

The dedicated Team App, developed by Zextras for both Android and iOS devices, provides mobile users with the same customer experience, keeping them in touch with their buddies anywhere and anytime.

Those same technologies allow Team Pro to bring collaboration outside the Organization too.

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Instant meeting allows arranging video calls with users that don’t belong to the same Zimbra infrastructure: invited users can take part in the meeting by browsing a generated link, with no need to install specific software or use third parties services.

Unlike Spaces, Instant meeting’s contents don’t weigh on the storage and they are not saved. Once the meeting is over, the URL that has been generated is no longer available.

Team Pro full features is available on Zextras Suite Pro.

Team Basic is included on all our “Suite” and it includes a featured 1:1 chat that supports not only text messages and emoticons but also file-sharing and video call one-to-one.

instant meeting
Features Suite Pro* Suite Basic
Messaging 1:1
Create Group Messaging
Join Group Messaging
Support for Emoticons
Web Client
Mobile App (iOS, Android)
Conversation Management
Groups Management
Channels inside Space
Send file via chat **
Receive file via chat **
Support by Ticket
Video Chat 1:1
Screen Sharing 1:1
Video Chat 1:N*
Screen Sharing 1:N*
License per user included
Message Delivery and Read Awareness
Meeting with external user

* Team Pro is available only for Zextras Suite Pro license

** File exchange features are available only for Zextras Pro license