Delegated Admin functions

“Delegated Admin” turns Zimbra into a MultiDomain and MultiTenant platform.

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When the Global Admin defines a domain he can easily establish a maximum number of mailboxes that can be created, the quota that can be used and classes of service available.

Zextras simplifies creation and management of rights of the “Delegated Admins” that can operate on a domain level using a predefined range of functions.

It is possible to use Zimbra administration interface as a “Self Service Portal” through which the customer can manage his own domain by creating or deleting accounts, without the possibility to cross the agreement’s limits.

Administrators can manage also distribution lists, resources, and aliases. Moreover it is possible to monitor mobile devices that are connected to the domain.

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admin restictions

There is no limit on the number of administrators that can be associated with a single domain and each “Delegated Admin” can manage several domains.

It is possible to further reduce the rights given by creating “Junior Admin” profiles that can use just a reduced range of functions -such as reset passwords, create accounts and define send-as-rights- but cannot access other users’ mailboxes.

This kind of profiles can be used in order to simplify Help Desk’s duties by letting operators access the functions they need for their role.

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junior admin

All the Admins’ operations -Global, Delegated and Junior- are recorded on a specific log that can be consulted from the administration interface and that is sent monthly to all the admins.