Real-time Backup for Zimbra

Be sure to save and recover everything anytime.

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Continuous and real-time backup

With Zextras there’re zero possibilities of losing data, as our unique backup is safe and constant. It simply never stops working.

Any object inside Zimbra is saved. Users and admin can recover anything that was deleted. An e-mail? A whole mail box? The whole storage? Consider it done.

Exclusive features of Zextras Backup for Zimbra

Zextras backup saves everything.

There is no time or type of items which we don’t cover. E-mail, contacts, calendars, files. All your data are protected.

Punctual. You choose what to recover.

Set a date and a time and you’ll recover the whole situation of that specific moment, while keep using your mailbox.
With traditional backup you can recover data only when the incremental backup is finished.

Universal and agnostic.

Your backup can be restored on any Zimbra version and infrastructure.
The traditional restore needs an infrastructure as the one the backup comes from.

Automatic. It runs without affecting the workday.

Forget about starting the backup and waiting for it to be finished.
It is always running and there is no need of having a specialized support.

Wherever you want. Also on external storage.

You choose where to backup data.
You can even go for the backup on external storage, such as S3.
This way, you don’t have to worry neither about the space left nor the security.

How it works?

Zextras backups every item as soon as it is created or modified.

The backup is self-consistent, so it is replicable.

Start Zextras backup today: it will keep working and you won’t worry.

Start your 30-days trial today!