Real-Time Backup and Recovery

Zextras backup’s technology is the only one that assures a real-time transactional backup.

The engine intercepts and analyzes Zimbra’s actions and it creates an immediate copy of both the raw data and all the changes that occur in that specific moment.

The content of a mailbox is constantly saved: outgoing or incoming emails, appointments, contacts, files.

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All the attributes are saved too: folders contents, used tags, reading state but also all the account’s properties such as preferences, signatures, filters, personalities, password hash till the whole domain definition including distribution lists and configurations.

The atomic structure of the backup allows to reconstruct information step by step. It is possible to restore an account to its latest state or to a specific timestamp.

Zextras backup features allow both to get back items deleted in a certain period (e.g. all email deleted on the first week of the past month), or even whole accounts rebuilding folders’ structure.

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The option of restoring an account is not only limited to deleted accounts but it could be also used to reconstruct the situation of a compromised account.

Zextras backup is event-based and it doesn’t require periodic “full” and “incremental” executions: the engine saves only the data that have changed in a transactional and consistent way and therefore, the Recovery Point Objective is near-zero.

It can reduce the storage needed thanks to data deduplication and compression. This implies a reduction of up to 50% in the storage needed for the backup and minimization down to zero of the I/O peaks, making this solution cost-saving and more performing than the other alternatives.

Retention is managed automatically. Administrators can specify a different retention period for each server, according to needs and current Level Agreement.

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backup export

The “ExportBackup” function allows creating hot snapshots of the whole server or a specific domain using a standard and open format. It can consistently operate on a production server maintaining the service active.

Exported data can be imported into another Zextras regardless of Zimbra version and so, it is extremely easy to update -or even downgrade- the infrastructure safely.

Backup mantains its own structure of metadata and elements, allowing the Admin to research elements without the need of restoring an account: it allows to identify a single element and to extract the raw content.

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backup 6 modes

A dedicated set of commands are used for verifying backup coherence: they can identify and copy all the elements that the backup couldn’t save -for example, because of unavailability of backup storage- and can operate if there are errors in Zimbra volumes. For example in case of primary storage corruption, Zextras backup can identify corrupted blobs and recover them, keeping the service active.

Zextras backup supports 6 different modes of restore -External Restore, Single Item Restore, Restore on new Account, Undelete, Restore Deleted Account, Restore Blobs- and it is a strategy of Disaster Recovery.

Restore and backup procedures are perfectly integrated into Zimbra administration console, transparent and completely independent from the system’s environment.
If using a storage system that already assures the data redundancy, it is also possible to use “blobless” backup mode saving only the changes that occur in the metadata.

backup panel wizard
zextras backup std

In this scenario the restore could be executed also using the new “rawRestore” mode that can reduce by several orders of magnitude the “Recovery Time Objective”.