Data Sovereignty for the Public Sector

Fully private e-mail and collaboration platform for national, regional and local authorities.

Carbonio for Public Sector

Thanks to more than 20 years of experience working with Public Administrations and Government Agencies, Zextras Carbonio is the best open source software for public entities that seek a compliant, secure and highly cost effective workplace platform.

Safeguard sensitive data

Zextras Carbonio takes a risk-based approach to ensure personally identifiable information, protected health information, sensitive data and intelligence is safeguarded at every level, preventing loss of public trust, legal liability, and remediation costs.

High availability and full data sovereignty

With full control over your data management, Zextras Carbonio guarantees class-leading levels of operational performance, high availability and absolute data sovereignty.

Compliance by design

Zextras Carbonio is natively compliant with all national and international legislations that protect the personal information of individuals, including GDPR, PIPEDA, and LGPD.

Always evolving

Today's market demands change quickly and continuously. Zextras continues to evolve its software to meet emerging needs and regulatory compliance requirements.

Scenarios and applications

You can’t go on Cloud

You can’t go on Cloud

For many governmental services, national and international regulations such as GDPR prevent the use of cloud services as stored data is required to stay in the national territory at all times and with cloud services this cannot be guaranteed. As a result, you need an alternative to SaaS.

Data processing duties

Data processing duties

The Public Sector collects and stores personal information on national citizens to control and regulate the country, including personal identity, education, health services, tax collection and national security information, and as a result needs software that simplifies this process while meeting all compliancy regulations.

Security Policy Control

Security Policy Control

The collection of personal data brings with it the responsibility to protect and secure at all touchpoints.
Public organizations may be focused on delivering services quickly and efficiently, but using software that gives you total control over your Security Policy will always be a top priority.

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