Zextras for the Environment

We’ve been taking care of the environment since the beginning.
We commit to limit pollution to be a carbon-neutral enterprise.

forest zextras

Ecofriendly HQ

We work with clean energy!
Photovoltaic panels provide our premise with more than 100% of the energy necessary for daily activities.
Zextras building is designed to reduce heat loss while focusing on sound absorption and eco-friendly materials.


Everyone in Zextras is committed to differentiated waste collection.
We banned the use of disposable plastic and went for biodegradable flatware.

Electric cars

We want to play an active role in the transition to sustainable energy.
Our company cars are electric, to make the home-work journey and all the business trips zero impact.
We recharge our cars with energy produced by our photovoltaics, creating a virtuous circle.

Zextras Forest

We planted a forest to support the reforestation process and safeguard green areas.
We are committed to planting new trees every year to transfer our daily habits to a larger scale.