zextras green balance

Zextras has always been interested in environmental matters trying to limit as much as possible its pollution impact till becoming a Carbon neutral enterprise.
Photovoltaic panels, electric cars, no disposable plastic are just some of the solutions involved in the creation of a green work environment of our software house.

Zextras’ aim, regarding the environment, is to achieve carbon neutrality reducing its carbon footprint in order to reach a net result of zero-emission.

Carbon neutrality should be considered as a journey in which several elements contribute day by day to reduce the environmental impact.

First of all, it is worth mentioning that the headquarters building itself seeks sustainability: in fact, photovoltaic panels provide 100% and more of the electricity needed for everyday activities allowing the whole staff to work thanks to clean energy.

Therefore, Zextras is electrically autonomous from the public power network and, at the same time, it transfers the electricity overproduction to the network itself.

In compliance with the European Union energy label, the building has been designed carrying the purpose of limiting: Zextras building’s envelope was studied to reduce heat loss while focusing on sound absorption and eco-friendly materials too.

Zextras and the whole staff are committed to daily differentiated waste collection and they banned the use of disposable plastic: all the cutlery, plates, bottles and glasses have been converted into biodegradable plastic ones.
Moreover, plastic bottles are no longer needed thanks to the water purification plant that allows drinking clean water directly from the sink.

Considering the critical situation of climate change, Zextras wants to take part in the process of transitioning to sustainable energy also when it comes to everyday mobility.
Extra electricity produced by photovoltaic panels is used also for charging cars: Zextras’ fleet of cars is completely green since it is composed by electric vehicles that won’t further increase the pollution level of the surrounding environment.


By creating this new forest, in collaboration with Treedom, we’d like to transfer the commitment we put daily into our work also to our planet’s safeguard.

To plant this forest means to enhance the world where we live and, moreover, it can help the reforestation process and trees’ protection.
We wish to grow further our forest, adding year by year new trees knowing that each planted tree is one more step towards Heart’s rebirth.

forest zextras