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Perpetual Licences and Maintenance Services

« Perpetual » licenses are a special class of licenses that doesn’t have an expiration date nor is bound to a specific Zimbra version – it’s always valid and it always works.
Customers who purchased a Perpetual license, however, are required to pay a « Maintenance Service » fee to be entitled to software upgrades and technical support.

Maintenance Service is a yearly subscription service whose price is set to 20% of the Perpetual License cost and it’s based on a « retroactive benefit » model, meaning that when you stop your Maintenance Service subscription and then wish to renew it you’ll also need to pay for the time your subscription was not active.

When purchasing a new Perpetual License, the Maintenance Service fee for the first year is automatically included.
Both adding more mailboxes to a perpetual license and renewing its Maintenance Service subscription can be done in the Zextras Store. Upgrading a perpetual license will also upgrade and bill the related Maintenance Service upgrade.

Gov, Edu, Non-Profit DISCOUNT

Whether you are a big Gov agency, an Educational/Research institute or a Non-Profit organization, Zextras wants to support your work and help improving your ICT infrastructure so that you canfocus on what really matters.
This is why we offer a discount on all our licensing plans to all Gov, Edu and Non-Profit customers.

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Zextras University pricing

We have a dedicated price list for Universities, contact our sales team for more informations.

Upgrade your license

Upgrade your license on your own, only paying for what you add.
The Zextras Store will automatically calculate the residual value of your current license and your upgraded license will be immediately available for download.
Keep track and manage all of your licenses directly from the Zextras Store!

Contact our sales team for more informations.

Zextras ISP Plan

HSP or SAAS provider?

Zextras is proud to announce a dedicated licensing plan for Service Providers!
HSP and SAAS providers can now benefit of this new plans tailored on their needs.