Open Source Projects

Why Zextras contributes to OS projects?

Zextras has an open source soul and it's to open source that the company and the project are committed, from the founder to the developers. Zextras itself relies on the Zimbra source code, and always will.

We are born as Zimbra Open Source users. In accordance with this philosophy, we want to continue to contribute also to the improvement of Zimbra Open Source Edition.

We do it with projects that bring immediate benefits to all the end-users. They indeed answer to needs you have had for years.
The same we had, too.

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The open source projects by Zextras

All Zimbra users can benefit from our projects for free.
If you are a Zimbra user, you are already experiencing Zextras open features.

You can create your own build or make changes and improvements to the Zimbra source code on

We built from Zimbra source code for you

Zextras was created by Paolo Storti, a fan of communication systems and an open-source enthusiast. He saw in Zimbra everything he had always dreamed of. This is why he decided to commit himself to Zimbra's continuous improvement, which is also the goal of the company he founded.

After discovering that, for the latest version of Zimbra, only the Source code would be available, he decided to support the whole Zimbra community. So, he made available its build of the latest version of Zimbra for free.

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The new Theme for Zimbra 9 and Zimbra 8

Let’s meet the new “Zextras” theme for the Zimbra interface.

Thanks to the large amount of feedback coming from the Zimbra's users, we created a new theme for the Zimbra open interface. You can choose it directly from your Preferences.

The interface will work exactly as usual, but the graphics have changed. We went for a more modern and simpler ones, to work even faster than before.

get zx theme for zimbra

Zimbra Open Chat to speed up communication

We're proud that every Open Source Zimbra's user can experience our chat!
We thought that an instant messaging system could increase the collaboration capabilities on the platform.
You can have not only traditional e-mail but a system to reach out faster to colleagues.

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Do you want to create Zimbra extensions that are easy to maintain and work on any Zimbra server? Use our Open ZAL.

Zextras sponsored the project of a library that makes your code compatible with any Zimbra version.

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