Advanced storage management for Zimbra

The most convenient way to manage your storage.

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Infinite space and unlimited scalability with Zextras

Zimbra storage management is not an easy task.
You never finish, as data are always increasing and with them the complexity to govern.
Zextras technology for storage optimization helps you save up space, money and keep your data secure.
Moreover, you can do it in a simple way.

Smart Storage management for Zimbra


Balance data among storages.
Integrate any kind of storage to your Zimbra. You can mix and match any local storages or cloud services, block or object storages.
Keep the most important data on the fast and expensive disks, leaving the old emails to the slower and cheaper ones.
Zextras automatically moves the data among different storages, without downtimes.
Zero impact on the user experience, but heavy impacts on the costs reduction for your company.

File deduplication to save space

Exchange as many copies as you want.
In Zextras they'll always count as one.
This way, the space on the server is dramatically reduced.
Be they e mail texts or attachments, or files.
You can stop worrying about multiple and heavy attachemnts.

Compression up to 90%

Thanks to Zextras compression you can shrink the space your data occupy.
If you re using block storages, you can immediately decrease the costs related to pre-provisioning.

Object Storage integration

Zextras allows you to integrate Zimbra with an object storage.
With this infrastructre you'll pay only for the space you use.

Start saving today, the saving is higher than the investment!

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