Storage manager: flexibility, compression, deduplication, object storage, indexing

Zextras Suite engine simplifies and exalts Zimbra’s volume and storage management.

admin panel

The SysAdmin is not limited to use just a single type of storage, but instead, the flexibility guarantee by our technologies allows to easily manage several primary, secondary and index volumes and it allows to pick among block device, object storage or third party’s cloud storage services.

multiserver mbox

All the activities are managed at application level and they don’t require to implement logical volumes, replication system or other infrastructure charged on the SysAdmin.
Zextras Suite enriches search functionality: it adds full-text search features both on the email’s attachments and Drive files supporting more than 160 formats.

Administration tools allow to verify coherence of current volumes, add new ones or decommission others.

Moreover they make possible the redistribution of blobs and users both among volumes of the server and on different servers that belong to the same infrastructure too, with no downtime for the users.

coherence volumes

Compression and deduplication functions save up to 50% of the space used by block device storage, while HSM -Hierarchical Storage Management- policy management allows to move up blobs on a different tier, reducing up to 90% the space needed on primary volume.


Zextras allows Zimbra Open Source Edition to use Object storage’s services at their best, taking advantage of their capability to assure data redundancy, infrastructures resilience, and scale-out limits.

Zextras natively supports S3 API ( implemented by Amazon) and SWIFT API (implemented by OpenStack), making Zimbra compatible with all the providers that implement such API like AmazonS3, AliCloud, YANDEX, IBMCloud.

Specific connectors used for storage appliances such as Scality, Open IO, Cloudian, Dell EMC and CEPH take advantage of all the peculiar features of these solutions like caching, deduplication, encryption, compression, local and geographic replication.

Zextras Suite permits to implement a hybrid cloud that enables to move data and infrastructure to the cloud in a planned and smooth way.

hybrid cloud

Object Storage let access to the “Centralized Storage” feature that allows to reduce up to 90% of the time needed for shifting users from a mailbox to another one.

Reducing local storage and direct it just to metadata assures better performance for I/O and throughput.

10 90 storage

Using these functions guarantees complete scalability for the Zimbra infrastructure, both vertically and horizontally.

No worries either about the storage that can be expanded in transparent way than in redistributing users among infrastructure’s servers without any downtime.