Mobile devices, Outlook and Windows mail

Zextras brings ActiveSync protocol into Zimbra, making it compatible with all the latest mobile devices and with Outlook 2013/2017/2019 for Windows and Windows Mail App.

ActiveSync assures the best user experience to mobile users: synchronization is fast, and it natively supports push notification, calendars, contacts, tasks, and emails.

Meetings and appointments are easy to manage thanks to the EAS native integration.

Furthermore, it extends synchronization also to all the shared items, with equal ease.

In order to improve security, Zextras provides mobile users with a password that is meant to give access to ActiveSync protocol, but doesn’t permit to access other Zimbra services (Webmail/POP/IMAP/SMTP).

“Mobile Password” assures maximum security and avoid credentials’ theft: it is managed by a dedicated policy in order to avoid that credentials’ change causes locked account due to multiple failed login attempts.

Zextras Mobile provides the admins with several tools: browsing connected devices, simulating synchronization requests, choosing the protocol version to use for each user or device.

For setting up an efficient debug it is possible to create a dedicated log for each user.

Mobile Device Management is supported too and through it, the administrator can define the minimum requirements needed to connect a personal device, enabling  the bringyourown device (BYOD) philosophy.

MDM -on devices that implement it- allows accomplishing remote action, up to wipe the phone, for example in case of loss or theft.

Moreover, Zextras implements an Allow/Block/Quarantine layer that allows the admin to decide which devices can be connected.

On Allow mode, all the devices are allowed to be connected, whereas on Block mobile the admin defines the DeviceID qualified for connection.

Lastly, on Quarantine mode, the device is connected to a fake mailbox while waiting for authorization to proceed.