Zextras Suite package information

The Changelog can be found here

Thanks, you will receive an email with the installer of the latest Zextras Suite version available for your Zimbra.

For further details, check out the Compatibility List

Now that you have downloaded Zextras Suite, a few simple steps are required to get it up and running.

Step 1

As ROOT, unpack the file you just downloaded inside a directory (we suggest in /root/) in your Zimbra server.

Step 2

Enter the directory created by the unpacking of the file.

Step 3

Run the install.sh script with the “all” option

./install.sh all

Step 4

Once Zextras Suite is installed, you need to Initialize Zextras Backup.

Download the Apps

Download on the App Store  Get it on Google Play

Team app allows mobile users to be in touch with their buddies anywhere and anytime, through a trusted, secure and private channel.

Through Drive app, the user can access his Drive files and folders whenever he needs. Users can keep on communicating with colleagues or managing and sharing any kind of documents safely directly from their mobile devices.

Docs Server

Documents, Spreadsheet and Presentation are now available with Zextras Suite Pro at no extra cost. Zextras Docs allows users to create and collaborate in real-time on several files right inside the Zimbra Web Client.

Check Docs Installation Guide for more information.

Video Server

Zextras Video Server allows you to scale videocalls and make Team an enterprise tool to collaborate better, even remotely. You’ll able to host videocalls with multiple participants avoiding downtimes.

Check out Zextras Video Server Documentation for more information.

The Installer URLs will always point to the latest release of the Zextras Installer.

  • Download for RHEL 7 and CentOS 7

    Download the installer

    or simply use wget directly from your Zimbra server:

    wget https://download.zextras.com/videoserver-installer/latest/videoserver-r7.tgz
  • Download for RHEL 8 and CentOS 8

    Download the installer

    or simply use wget directly from your Zimbra server:

    wget https://download.zextras.com/videoserver-installer/latest/videoserver-r8.tgz
  • Download for Ubuntu 18

    Download the installer

    or simply use wget directly from your Zimbra server:

    wget https://download.zextras.com/videoserver-installer/latest/videoserver-u18.tgz

Detailed information about the Zextras Suite installer can be found in the Zextras Suite Install Guide

If you need further support, have a look at the Zextras Suite Install and Setup Forum

Now that Zextras Suite is installed, join the Zextras Community in the Forums