Zextras build based on Zimbra’s official repositories

After we all read this blog post HERE, where we can find this official questions/answers:

“Q: Is Zimbra still an Open Source product?
“A: […] Zimbra 9 is Open Source, but the Zimbra Modern UI and some components in the Network Edition (which traditionally have not been included in the Open Source Edition) do not use Open Source licenses”

“Q: How can I get a free version of Zimbra 9?
“A: Except for the Modern UI and Network Edition components, you can build Zimbra 9 binaries just like you can for Zimbra 8…”

And because of the fact that:

  • Everyday, since the rise of our company, we build our code against Zimbra’s
  • We always have written code that integrates into Zimbra unofficial builds of Synacor’s Zimbra made by Zextras of Zimbra

we have the confidence to take the responsibility of building and maintaining a professional build based on the latest version available on Zimbra’s official repositories.


This page provides, for users’ convenience only, the unofficial builds, made by Zextras under the applicable open source licenses (https://www.zimbra.com/legal/licensing/), of Synacor’s Zimbra, at it most recently available version (currently 9).

Please note that these are builds curated by Zextras, based on the source code as made available by Synacor without any substantial changes. Zimbra is a trademark of Synacor. No endorsement is claimed or implied from Zimbra, Synacor or any of their employees or company officers. The software is provided as is. You are invited to make your own build using the source code available at https://github.com/Zimbra/.

Synacor and Zextras as independent, unaffiliated companies. Zextras provides proprietary extensions to the open source version of Zimbra, see at https://store.zextras.com

Why are we doing that, for free, for the community?

In the late ‘90s I’ve started to work as Linux System administrator. Lately I’ve focused on providing Open Source email solutions: during this period, the struggle is real. Integrating and maintaining a multitude of heterogenous components was an ongoing challenge, nights and days spent on finding the way to provide a suitable solution.

Some years later Zimbra broke into the scene and this was definitely the turning point for me: I immediately fell in love with the chance to provide a solution maintained as a single project in which all the pieces fit perfectly together.

As a communication systems fan and Open Source supporter, I’ve found in Zimbra everything I’ve always dreamt of.
This is the reason why, after reading that blog post, and discovering that we are not going to have a build of an Open Source version of Zimbra in its last revision 9 from them, I’ve decided to support the community by making available our build, for free, to all of you.

Paolo Storti

Zimbra Open Source Projects by Zextras