Zimbra 9 Open Source build by Zextras

Zextras builds both Zextras towards Zimbra and Zimbra every day: since the rise of our company we have always written code that is integrated into Zimbra. The deep knowledge of Zimbra gave us the confidence to decide that we definitely can and want to offer a professional grade and maintained build of Zimbra 9 Open Source based on Zimbra’s official repositories.

Welcome to Zimbra 9 Open Source build by Zextras.


This page provides, for users’ convenience only, the unofficial builds of Synacor’s Zimbra made by Zextras® of Zimbra Open Source, under the applicable open source licenses as from Zimbra version 9 they are not available for download.

Please note that these are builds curated by Zextras, based on the source code as made available by Synacor without any substantial changes. Zimbra is a trademark of Synacor. No endorsement is claimed or implied from Zimbra, Synacor or any of their employees or company officers. The software is provided as is. You are invited to make your own build using the source code available at https://github.com/Zimbra/.

Synacor and Zextras as independent, unaffiliated companies. Zextras provides proprietary extensions to the open source version of Zimbra, see at https://store.zextras.com

Why Zimbra 9 Open Source build by Zextras

In the late ‘90s I’ve started to work as Linux System administrator. Lately I’ve focused on providing Open Source email solutions: during this period, the struggle is real. Integrating and maintaining a multitude of heterogeneous components was an ongoing challenge, nights and days spent on finding the way to provide a suitable solution.

Some years later Zimbra broke into the scene and this was definitely the turning point for me: I immediately fell in love with the chance to provide a solution maintained as a single project in which all the pieces fit perfectly together.

As a communication systems fan and Open Source supporter, I’ve found in Zimbra everything I’ve always dreamt of.
This is the reason why I’ve decided to give continuity to this project I strongly believe in, by making available Zimbra 9 Open Source build by Zextras.

Paolo Storti

A short description of Zimbra 9

Zimbra email

Zimbra Open Source Edition is designed for cloud based infrastructure, both public and private and it offers an enterprise email, calendar and collaborative features solution.
The client interface provides a complete experience allowing the user to focus on its activities, emails and calendars that are all supported by realtime push notifications that keep the user always updated with incoming emails or invitations.

A unique email flow can be hard to manage when you have hundreds of emails on your mailbox, using Zimbra OSE you can organize all your messages in different folders or group them under a common tag in order to create several communication streams.

Zimbra 9 inbox-interface focus

Compose multiple emails simultaneously is easy and you can do it into the same interface by just opening different composition tabs among which you can smoothly switch or even go to your calendar with no need to cancel the email you were working on.

Zimbra 9 open source-Multitab composition

All items are searchable through the search tab: look for your attachments or a specific folder by simply start typing its name.

Zimbra calendar

Email and calendar are perfectly integrated and this means that you can:

  • Quickly check your calendar whenever the email’s text contains a date by browsing it
  • Drag and drop the message directly into your calendar to create the appointment
  • Create an appointment from an email inviting all its recipients and including details

Organize meeting easily thanks to the preview of free spaces and free/busy colleagues for that specific time, keep always an eye on your colleagues’ agenda taking advantage of shared calendars that show in different colors all the users’ scheduled appointments.

Zimbra 9 Open Source calendar

Zimbra tasks

Zimbra 9 Open Source build by Zextras task feature allows you to:

  • Create a clear overview of all your tasks by arranging a tasks list
  • Sort all your activities by priorities and status
  • Set tasks due date and then send a reminder to all the people interested in it.
Zimbra desktop-tasks tab

Zimbra Zimlet

Zimbra ecosystem is populated by a multitude of easy-to-write zimlets, that meet your needs by enabling integration of third party solutions into the Web interface.

Zimbra chat

Zimbra Chat is provided by Zextras as contribution to the Open Source community.
Be always in touch with your colleagues through Zimbra Chat which is perfectly integrated into the Web interface.

Zimbra 9 OSE chat

Zimbra mobile sync

Access your mailbox anywhere and anytime, synchronize your account on your client and mobile devices to use your emails/calendars/contacts.
All the main standard protocols are supported such as IMAP/POP, SMTP, CalDav, CarDav.

Zimbra Administration

Manage your infrastructure easily through the Administration Console and according to each Class of Service manage users’ functionalities and policies.

Flexible deployment

Zimbra OSE has been designed to be flexible in its deployment and infrastructure agnostic, you can deploy it according to your needs, wherever you want: Cloud, on premise, hybrid on virtual appliance or bare metal.

Zimbra 9 Open Source build by Zextras is much more that this, download it and take a look!